ClubWare 24Hr Security & Automation System

ClubWare gym membership software is world-renowned as one of the best designed, most versatile membership systems on the market. It's seamless integration between billing, access control and retention software means that it is able to handle every aspect of membership management. 


After ongoing consultation with the security industry, ClubWare is now able to offer a full access control integration with two world renowned access control systems, Inner Range Integriti and Paxton Net2 . The databases between the security system and ClubWare are fully integrated, which ensures that all valid members in the ClubWare system are automatically synchronised, and stored in the access control database.  


As the access control system has been designed with built in fail safes, backup batteries, panic buttons and remote monitoring, you can rest assured knowing that not only will valid members always get access to the gym, but that while they train, a state of the art secure system help keeps them safe. 


Bryan Dickinson, the owner of Systronix Security has personally installed fully integrated security systems, in well over a hundred gyms using the ClubWare 24 hour security integration systems. Why leave your security to just anyone when you can have the peace of mind knowing you have the best people installing and supporting your gym's security system. There is a big difference between having a system in your gym that can open a door; and having a fully automated security system that can not only help reduce your electricity bill but, can handle every aspect of your gym's security, member safety and access control.


It is no wonder that on the 27th of January 2017, ClubWare along with their billing partners PaySmart and DebitSuccess proudly announced that ClubWare is now installed in over 1,000 sites around the world.  


Contact one of our consultants to find out how we can help ensure the security of your gym while moving to a 24-hour model. 



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