iConnect360 24Hr Security & Automation System

iConnect360 is a simple, easy to use gym membership system which includes powerful features such as online membership sign up, automated customer retention software, direct debit billing & 24 hour access control


The iConnect360 system is designed with a focus toward online features giving both personal trainers and gym owners the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere while knowing in real time everything that is happening in the gym. Members are even able to book group fitness classes with a click of a button through the gym's website meaning that there is no need to line up at reception or even phone the gym, this can also help reduce staffing costs for the gym.


iConnect360 also offers a full 24 hour access control integration which enables the membership database to be constantly synchronised with access control system. The access control & security system that iConnect360 integrates with is Inner Range Concpet4000 which is one of the industry leaders in 24 hour gym security across Australia and New Zealand.


As the iConnect360 web server synchronises with the 24 hour access control system in real time, you can have the peace of mind knowing that all valid members would be guaranteed access into the gym. The 24 hour access control system has built-in backups, redundancies and fail safes, ensuring that even if there is a temporary loss of internet or power onsite, members can still train safely in the gym. 


During the 24 hour conversion of your gym, Systronix Security will work closely with iConnect360 to ensure that the entire conversion process is as smooth as possible. After the initial installation, our servicing and maintenance team will be on hand to support your new 24 hour iConnect360 system 24 hours a day, seven days a week.