Is Your Residence a "Soft Target"?

QLD Police Crime Statistic Data shows approx 3000-4000 "unlawful entries" into peoples residence PER MONTH over the last 2 years

Given the right tools and equipment anybody has the ability to get into anywhere. As a home owner you need to ensure that you are making that process as difficult for the potential thief as you possibly can.

Most criminals are cowards and they are looking for the house that offers the least resistance. Make a burglar think twice about becoming an intruder.


Think about your home as 3 different areas

1. The Perimeter

2. The Exterior of the House

3. The Interior of the House

1. The Perimeter

The perimeter of your home should serve as a visual and physical deterrent to people wanting to break in. 

  • Lock your gate - this makes it harder for people to gain entry and it also makes it harder and more time consuming when its time to leave.

  • Try and keep large shrubs and plants away from entry points and windows. (they make great hiding spots for criminals)

  • Try and keep your garden well maintained, badly looked after gardens are normally a sign that someone old or vulnerable lives there.

  • No Dog? Grab some "Beware of the dog" signs anyway. Its surprising how many criminals will not bother purely because of that.

  • No Security System? Hit the                    , fill out your details and we'll send you some free signage for your front fence so it looks like you do.

2. The House Exterior

The physical structure of your house and external security features should be the next line of defence when it comes to protecting your family home.

Notification prior to an event can be massively beneficial. Most bad situations would never happen if people had prior knowledge to the fact it was going to happen.

  • Criminals hate well lit areas, motion activated lights solves this.

  • Modern day CCTV allows for tablet / smart phone notifications when movement is detected. A great starting point is to have a camera covering your front and back door.

  • Video door bells are a great deterrent for opportunist criminals, even if your not home you can make it seem like you are by answering the door bell on your phone

  • External motion sensors linked to the security system are a great way of covering external areas such as car ports and sheds etc.

  • Windows - Check your security screens are in good order and that the windows are locked when your not home

  • Front Door - Check your front door isnt one of those cheap hollow core doors that builders went through a stage of putting in.

  • If you have a window close enough to the door handle of your front door consider putting a double cylinder lock on the door, so even if a criminal breaks the window they still cant unlock the door. You can even get electronic versions of these now so you dont even need to take your keys.

3. The House Interior

  • Automated lighting is a fantastic deterrent, lounge room light, porch light, garage lights being turned on and off even when your out is sometimes enough to make a would be incident a not likely incident. Lighting and power automation is getting a lot more affordable and expandable as time goes on.

  • An alarm system that has a "night" mode - this gives the ability to arm the alarm in certain areas during the night time. 

  • PIR motion sensors linked to a monitored / self monitored alarm system to cover all major entry points and rooms of interest, master bedrooms, lounge rooms, study etc. 

  • Put high value, quick sell able items out of view of the windows, cash, cards, keys, laptops, tablets

  • Who was the last person to change the locks at your house? How many times has the house changed hands? How well did you know the person that owned the house before you? House a new build? Maybe look into getting the locks changed in the house if your not sure about any of those questions. 

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